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I blend all natural toners with base shades to create colors that match every skin tone.  So those of you that can NEVER find the right match this is PERFECT for you.  Too Pink?  not enough Yellow?  Too ashy?  I can fix all those problems!  Book your color consultation now!




The Optimum formula

My foundations are loaded withhydrating and moisturizing botanicals or firming and protective Modifiers.  Also I can add oil controlling additives.



This nourishing aloe-based formula is loaded with a full menu of active ingredients to restore moisture balance and target the formation of lines and wrinkles. Collagen Tripeptides, to stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity; Copper, Manganese, and Zinc to diminish fine lines, firm skin, fight free radicals and increase skin strength; Sodium PCA, a high performance humectant that is moisture binding and increases the skin's softness. The final boost: Vitamins A , C, and E to nourish and protect.


Recommended for clients with normal to oily and/or sensitive skin. Mineral based infused with soothing, softening botanicals. Calendula, German Chamomile, Linden, Roman Chamomile, Cornflower and St. John’s Wort protect the skin and make a visible difference.


Excellent for dry and /or mature skin. Mineral based with all the same ingredients as the oil-free formula plus jojoba oil. Creating a radiant naturally smooth finish. 

The ideal texture

I can formulate any type of foundation: sheer natural, full coverage, rich soufflé, moisture tint, mousse and concealer.

My custom-blend system contains three formulas:

Moisture Tint, Oil-Free, and Enriched.  Giving you the perfect balanced foundation for your skin type. Each base contains 11% pure pigments as opposed to the 6% to 7% typically found in other foundation formulas so you can apply less and enjoy greater coverage.  Each formula starts with an SPF of 6-8 percent and can easily enhanced up to 24 percent after adding sunscreen modifier.



Modifiers and additives allow you to adjust the texture, coverage and finish of the foundation. you can also add serum additives to treat your skin conditions and protect the skin. 

List of additives and modifiers