Jacqueline Ramirez is the proud owner of her own Custom blend mineral makeup called "jackie oh! Cosmetics".  It is  Located downtown Santa Rosa inside R.E.L Salon in which she has been a licensed cosmetologist for the past ten years.  She blends mineral cosmetics to be tailored for your skin care and skin tone needs creating the perfect blend and match.  All her products are paraben free, non comeogenic, talc free and mineral based.  Allowing the skin to have a radiant natural glow.


She started her own bridal hair and makeup team six years ago and is constantly keeping up to date with trends and fashion.  Since she was eight years old she knew she had a passion for making people feel and look beautiful. 


Some of her accomplishments include working with Guy Fieri for photo shoots including Miller Lite, GQ magazine and also assisting in hair and makeup for his show "Guys Grocery Games".  She has worked closely with Tori Spelling in which she got to create custom lip stick colors for her and Jenny Garth on "Mystery Girls".  Her most recent accomplishment was working on "Breaking the Triangle" a documentary.


She hopes to encourage kids, teens and young adults to follow their dreams.  "Anything is possible, you just have to put it out there, work hard, give thanks and believe." "I hope to start going to school assemblies and encourage every child to follow their spark.  I hope they find their calling and follow the threads because we are all given dreams that are possible.  Every person has a hearts desire that can be fulfilled with hard work and a tiny bit of faith."